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With three hearts bleeding her family is feeding  itself to an army of suits, who needs a childhood anyway when you get to have an M-B-A” - gg

— Lyric SLAVE

gg biobot full body shot

selected press quotes

Here comes the sun”

— GALA lifestyle Magazine

The world needs gg’s songs”

— Anna Heyberg, Gospel Choir conductress Joy of singing

Short Bio

gg.biobot 01 is artificial biological intelligence on the run. Build as a rescue soldier for the US army, her creator Dr.Hope saved her from extinction by smuggling gg, 8 weeks premature of her scheduled ‘birth date ‘ out of a high-security lab to hide her in an old smith shop in Canada. 

Dr. Hope sick of worry for his beloved creation forced himself to part with the heavily sedated gg to cover their traces. 

gg’s vital functions did pick up after all and she opens her eyes in the dead of night all alone to a world she doesn’t belong to and knows nothing of! 

Equipped with an astonishing learning curve and the voice of Dr. Hope’s gorgeous Jazz singer mother, gg starts her musical journey to find her father who went into hiding in Hong Kong...

More press quotes

SLAVE carries an important message”

— Cheyenne McKenzie Artist NYC

This is one of the best-produced songs I’ve ever had the pleasure of working on”

—  Liam Hamer, Audio - mixing and mastering engineer for gg’s single SLAVE

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selected press quotes