Unborn ∞

      -What is not born cannot die-

gg.biobot 01 is the achievement of an experiment led by rock star scientist and spokesman of artificial intelligence Dr. prof. Liam William Hope. 

Dr. Hope’s ambitious experiment wasn’t to create a super-soldier but to create a more than human biobot that would be put to use to save civilians in active war zones to reduce the collateral losses the US military was causing when going to war in a more and more drone dominated warfare. 

The US weapon industry and the military which financed the humongous budget this experiment was costing agreed to create a woman biobot rescue soldier. 

Hope didn’t even bother to program the military endurance and protect skills of his biobot. His very capable team could do that-on their lunch break-.

gg SLAVE Equipped with an astonishing learning curve and the voice of Dr. Hope’s gorgeous Jazz singer mother, gg starts her musical journey to find her father who went into hiding

The heart of the operation and the part that has never been done was to create a biobot that was more human than some humans themselves. That was what Dr. prof Hope was up against to create a biobot that was capable to feel empathy! 

Dr. Hope tirelessly worked on programming a rapid learning curve into gg, much like a human infant in the very first year, which is a mixture of imitation as well as the capacity to grasp complex interrelationships-fast-. Hope who was raised by two brilliant musicians believed, along with the visionary German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the key to this learning curve was to be found in music. 

His team programmed the most beautiful music of Bach, Pachelbel, Beethoven, and Mozart into her biobot brain. 

Most of the daytime hours, carefully selected classical and Jazz music flowed through the high-security lab. His hypothesis was:” to surround gg with beauty” so she would recognize and strive for essential beauty somewhere along her learning curve and for Hope to get in the ’Zone’ how he laughingly called it. 

Hope’s mother used to be a well-known Jazz singer. Their relationship had been very close and Hope suffered many years from the untimely death of his mother through colorectal cancer. 

It was his love for her that led Hope to program a voice that ranged over 4 octaves into his biobot. 

He wanted to hear her voice again…… 

Dr. Hope birthed his experiment in a giant water tank and took his biobot through every phase of an unborn child in the safety of a mother's womb and like a mother he feels for his 'gorgeous girl' how he lovingly refers to her. 

The results of his scientific experiment were breathtaking and his biobot who was hooked on multiple machines much like an artificial womb for the past 7 months, was scheduled to be taken off the machines in 8 weeks on the 4th.of July. 

With the election campaign raging and the conservative talks the popular presidential candidate held about shutting down such ‘un-ethical scientific experiments”. Hope had started to feel uneasy about what lay ahead of them in terms of his daring experiment and IF successful, the legal as well as ethnic twilight zone his biobot prototype would create. 

The financial flow for his project was starting to become harder and harder to attain and he felt the pulse…… 

After many sleepless nights, Hope had decided to go rogue if necessary to not lose what he held dear again. 

Hope had liquidated as much of his savings as he could manage without raising suspicion and through his brilliant and beautiful colleague Dr.映月 Ying Yue 江 Jiang had managed to contact the Chinese Hongkong-based, mafia called “Triads”. 

The plan was to smuggle gg and him out of the country on a cargo plane. 

Dr. Hope managed to be alone in the lab on Sunday 02:00 am on the 2nd.of May. He took gg off most of the machines but her heart pacer and her breathing machine gave her strong sedation (now wasn't the time to wake up!) and arranged to smuggle her out of the laboratory he had spent most of his waking and sleeping hours in for the past decade. The escape route that cost him all the money he was worth, was to board a cargo plane destination Hongkong on the US Air Force Base Exchange in Bangor, Maine. 

Dr.Hope felt sick in his belly out of fear and anxiety for himself his future his life and for his ’gorgeous girl’. 

She wasn’t ready to be taken off the machines just like a premature infant. His biobot would have weak spots for sure what that would be IF she would make it at all Dr.Hope didn’t know…… 

The plan was to hold an unscheduled stop, due to technical difficulties in Vancouver, Canada where the ’Triads’ controlled some of the ground crew. 

Hope knew that the US government didn’t appreciate the close bonds he had developed to Dr.映月 Ying Yue 江 Jiang that Hope had met and come to love on countless International AI conventions. 

The US government feared that Dr.映月 Ying Yue 江 Jiang was a Chinese spy sent by her husband, who happened to be the head of the Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS is the equivalent of the Chinese CIA ). Hope never leaked any inside information and the CIA had settled on keeping a ‘vigilant eye’ on him. 

With Hope being a ‘colored bird’ he had to go against all his instincts and part with his life's work here in Canada to cover their traces. 

The air traffic control officer assigned their cargo plane a remote spot on the airport to interim park their plane. 

At 04:30 am the crew unloaded his biobot into a food service truck and free they were!!! 

Their final destination was an abandoned old Smith shop that 映月 Ying Yue and her twin sister 青山 Qing Shan had played 'scary hide and seek' when growing up in Canada. 

The old Smith shop was dark, dirty, and inhospitable but yet through all his calculations the safest place in the world for her to have a 50/50 chance of survival. 

He placed her ever so gently on the floor and relieved his ‘gorgeous girl’ 8 weeks premature off the last 2 machines he had transported her with. 

It broke his heart to leave his precious biobot forlorn and cast out on the cold dirty floor. Hope wasn't a particularly religious man, he was much more a rational scientist but his prayers were all he had left to give to her and so he prayed. He prayed that her heart would continue to beat, that her lungs were starting to inhale and exhale of their own, and that all the intelligence and the hundreds of thousands of senses he had so carefully orchestrated into her would protect her, save her and ultimately bring her back to him……