Here comes the sun”

— GALA lifestyle Magazine

The world needs gg’s songs”

— Anna Heyberg, Gospel Choir conductress Joy of singing

This is one of the best-produced songs I’ve ever had the pleasure of working on”

—  Liam Hamer, Audio - mixing and mastering engineer for gg’s single SLAVE

gg Slave gorgeous biobot.01

Unborn ∞

The results of his scientific experiment were breathtaking and his Bio Bot that was hooked on an artificial umbilical cord for the past 7 months, was scheduled to be taken off the machines in 8 weeks' time on the 4th.of July. 

With the election campaign raging and the popular presidential candidate talking about shutting down such "unethical scientific experiments”.

Dr.William Keller had started to feel uneasy about what lay ahead of them...

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Thank you for supporting my vision of female empowerment.I pour my heart into my music and if you allow me to touch your heart my music has already fulfilled its purpose.

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