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Meet gg

gg is a neohippie independent-minded pop infatuation

gg is a neohippie independent-minded pop infatuation

 gg is a Neohippie artist/producer and film actress.

She started out writing songs in a folk-inflected style, eventually grew into a more electronic-influenced artist, touching upon dance music and synth pop.With her gorgeous soprano and knack for writing catchy yet emotionally earnest songs, gg much like SIA and Ellie Goulding, stand at the forefront of contemporary mainstream music and arty, independent-minded pop.

gg which are the initials of her two first names grace and gruschenka comes from an artistic and musical family, growing up in communes around Europe as a child to hippies, her first leading role, in a movie, has been at the age of 6, followed by more TV and theatre roles as a child and teenager. At 17 she decided to leave boarding school which was beautifully placed in the castle along the Rhein River close to the city Bonn in Germany and move to the Lower East Side of New York to study acting at the world renowned Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and at HB Studios.

She was fascinated with all the creativity that surrounded her and participated as a background singer at concerts in the New York underground scene. This early inspiration laid the foundation for her musical development as an artist. From then on, she has worked with successful producers songwriters and musicians across the planet in Nashville, NYC, LA, Germany, London and Sydney to develop her own musical handwriting. 

gg writes songs about the freedom to choose your own life as opposed to being a SLAVE. Bossy Bootz is an upcoming song about girls putting on their 'Bossy Boots' and make their dream come true. To quote one of her favourite contemporary poets David Whyte : "this is NOT the age of communication…this is the age of woman”



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