Here comes the sun”

— GALA lifestyle Magazine

The world needs gg’s songs”

— Anna Heyberg, Gospel Choir conductress Joy of singing

This is one of the best-produced songs I’ve ever had the pleasure of working on”

—  Liam Hamer, Audio - mixing and mastering engineer for gg’s single SLAVE

gg Slave gorgeous biobot.01

Unborn ∞

Dr Hope birthed his experiment in a giant water tank and took his biobot through every phase of an unborn child in the safety of a mother's womb and like a mother he feels for his 'gorgeous girl' how he lovingly refers to her.

gg's design exclusive

Thank you for supporting my music vision of female empowerment and essential beauty in the sense of presciousness. I pour my heart my soul and my joy into my beloved music and since I'm a believer of authenticity my music can touch your heart, if you allow my love to reach you:) Feel gently embraced, gg

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