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  1. Slave to economy

Hello beloveds this is gg,
I have composed a revolution song called "SLAVE TO ECONOMY" especially for the Fridays For Future movement, it's about a little girl called 'Sue' who suffers from her parents not having any time for her and how that takes away our most precious human resource: our sense of belonging/family.
There's a new term called 'economic orphan' and it describes children who are left behind or abandoned by their parents out of economic demand!
In the end that little girl Sue becomes an 'economic slave' herself and so the circle closes......Since I became a mother 6 years ago I feel that children suffer the most from this 'economic slave-trade' and that's why I have invited children to sing with me: "... We are slave to economy......"



every morning
way to little Su little Su is crying
fiercely holding on to her teddy bear
when mummy says goodbye
parents pounding double shifts and second jobs
just to get by
mummy is crying too all the way to work
crying for her baby

we are slave to economy
slave to economy, never be enough
never be enough you see
I by your lie and you add more and more to me
slave to economy

sweet baby Su has learned her lesson well
and grown up to be
an economic slave marching along her rocket resume
with three hearts bleeding
her family is feeding
itself to an army of suits
who needs a childhood anyway
when you get to have
an M-B-A,