gg and the muesli

I'm a film actress -Neohippie independent-minded pop artist/producer in the likes of SIA and Ellie Goulding. My debut single SLAVE - a song revolution- is releasing in Jan 2021.  

”This is one of the best-produced songs I’ve ever had the pleasure of working on”  

 -Liam Hamer, Audio - mixing and mastering engineer for gg’s single “SLAVE”  

SLAVE is a danceable anthem, designed to empower with brilliant lyrics, following in the footsteps of “The Wall” by Pink Floyd.  

The song conveys a feeling like ‘Wonderful dream’ by Melanie Thornton with layer after layer of children’s voices and gospel harmonies.  

            "Here comes the sun"  

          -( GALA lifestyle Magazine )  

"My artistic goal is to help bring authenticity and realness back to the table of pop music. I love pop. 

I feel it deserves a second chance”. 

“After I have been more or less forced to do my own sound design I discovered that I had so much fun producing my songs: it felt like I could fly” 

”How powerful and catchy is your song! Really! 

 -Alessandro Capichioni San Marino ESC committee for gg’s single “SLAVE” 

 “with three hearts bleeding her family is feeding  itself to an army of suits, who needs a childhood anyway when you get to have an M-B-A” 

“She rocks the venue" strong surprise Grace Simon and band" - ( Kölner Stadt Anzeiger ) 

I come from an artistic and musical family, growing up in communes around Europe as a child to Hippies.  

Those kind of communes were if at all possible you were supposed to run around naked and those kind of communes where us -the kids- didn’t get any food to eat, except muesli with nuts ( at least….) Everybody else frequently disappeared on us practicing free sexuality. That ‘free sexuality’ somehow didn’t work out for them, apparently,-because each morning during breakfast, in the big halls, of that former monastery in the hills of Tuscany, on the big old wooden tables that stretched from one side of the hall to the next there was a drama unfolding and the adults where crying and shouting and having group discussions about:” which orgasm belongs to whom……….” amid all that heated arguments we-the kids-where trying to fancy up our muesli with roasting it in those large old pans that the monks seemed to have forgotten in the old monastery. 

To some success, on the occasion where it wasn’t entirely burned, I appreciated the taste of roasted muesli, I think that’s because of the nuts. 

We were about 5-10 naked and mostly hungry kids -home alone- in this huge ancient unstable monastery without sanitary facilities in the hills of Tuscany. There were little snakes not harmful but we were kids and had some respect for them. When one of us had to wee we stepped on the window sill of the 2nd.floor, two other kids were grabbing unto the legs of the kid standing outside on the window sill, just weeing down into the courtyard…lol…. 

At some point, I wanted to find my dad we were looking all over the place not a trace of anybody anywhere except us kids, so we strategically searched the entire terrain until I opened the wrong door. 

It was a small room and the entire room was filled with legs and asses and hair and people all over each other…..I looked at that mess and then decided to just close the door and stop trying to find my father. 

 I started as a child actress. My first leading part in a movie has been at the age of 6, followed by more TV and theatre roles as a child and teenager. At 17 I decided to leave my hometown Cologne and move to the Lower East Side of New York to study acting at the world-renowned Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and HB Studios. 

WOW-I was fascinated with all the creativity that surrounded me and participated as a background singer at concerts in the New York underground scene. This early inspiration laid the foundation for my musical development as an artist. 

A few years later, back in Europe on a warm summer evening on the shores of Lake Como in Italy. I was having a cup of green tea during the break of a self-awareness seminar I was participating in. I was making myself all cozy on a big couch in the music room when I saw a painting of Gustav Klimt’s ‘Danae’ hanging on the wall, that's where it hit me and I had a vision: “what if could create music, so saturated and lush with female richness, delicacy, and power like the gold streaming from Gustav Klimt’s model Danae?”